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Announcement of participation in auction purchases

S.A. ASPA invites interested companies to participate in the tender. For details, contact us at sales@aspa.md or marketing@aspa.md LOT 1 SolidWorks CAM/CAD software LOT 2 Measuring instrument


About the company

"ASPA" JSC is an enterprise specialized in mechanical processing of various metal parts and items on customer’s demands or as per customer's samples and/or drawings including precision parts, stainless steel parts, heat resistant steel parts, titanium alloys parts and other hardworking materials parts. We produce components for machines from various industry branches - for the food industry (packaging machines, foil extrusion machines), for hydraulic systems, for gear reducers, valves and pipes etc. Also, on demand, we can manufacture responsible welded structures and machines for polishing curved surfaces.

With more than 50 years experience, our enterprise produces a wide range of special cutting tools for metalworking, including high speed steel, powder metallurgy high speed steel and carbide brazed plates: lathe turning tools, broaches, drills, taps, cutters, reamers, countersink tools, counterbores, thread rolling and grooving knurls etc. It is worth mentioning the production of special profiled broaches of HSS obtained through powder metallurgy, produced by the Austrian company «West Alpinr». We also produce tehnological equipment such as molds, plastic molds, rubber molding presses, measuring tools including calipers. The design of cutting and measuring tools, of the technological equipment is provided by the experienced engineers of our design department.

Our enterprise has manufactured agricultural equipment for minitractors and motoblocks on clients’ demand.

The possibility to ensure ourselves with devices, cutting and measuring tools and also the possession of a well equipped heat treatment department allows us to solve a wide range of technical problems related to manufacturing of the most complicated parts. The available production capacities allow us to accept standard and high-volume orders.

We produce components for such enterprises as: WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER Machinery ks.s. (Czech Republic) - complex packaging equipment, Krones AG (Germany) - equipment for food industry, and others.

JSC "ASPA" is open to collaboration with new partners, there is free production capacity available, equipped with the necessary infrastructure to accommodate new orders. Our team ensures high quality products meeting the requirements of customers.

In 2005 our enterprise was certified according to ISO 9001: 2000, the International Certification Center TUV Thüringen eV and in June 2014 was made successfully the repeated recertification of the enterpri