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Тел: +373 235 30-028
Факс: +373 235 30-065
E - mail: info@aspa.md


Announcement of participation in auction purchases

S.A. ASPA invites interested companies to participate in the tender. For details, contact us at sales@aspa.md or marketing@aspa.md LOT 1 SolidWorks CAM/CAD software LOT 2 Measuring instrument


Manufacture of special cutting tools

With over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of special cutting tools we can propose solutions for a wide range of machining problems. We design and manufacture special tools on customs’ demand, for various processing technologies like turning, milling, drilling, broaching, threading, etc. The materials used in the manufacture of cutting tools are hard alloys including powder metallurgy high speed steel. For axial tools the minimum diameter manufactured by our company is 3 mm. In the manufacture of high speed steel cutting tools, heat treatment is performed in brine baths. The process allows retaining of carbon in the surface layer and this way we get a higher surface hardness and an advanced durability of the tools.