у st. Stezharilor 16, Orhei, Moldova
Тел: +373 235 30-028
Факс: +373 235 30-065
E - mail: info@aspa.md

Company S.A. ASPA privide laser marking services

Company S.A. ASPA privide laser marking services on planar and cylindrical surfaces, different materials (metal alloys and non-ferrous, plastic, nylon ect.), With a depth of marking 0.03 mm up to 0.3 mm. Minimum dimensions of symbol are 0.2 x 0.2 mm . The diameter of the marked pieces are 3-200 mm. We perform marking inscriptions, logos, codes.

Prices for services marking is specified for each order, depending of the complexity of the required mark, size, number of parts needed for marking.

The approximate price (with VAT): 10 lei for the registration of the text, sizing and positioning for proper marking + 0.15 lei each symbol x number of symbols x number of pieces.

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