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Факс: +373 235 30-065
E - mail: info@aspa.md


Announcement of participation in auction purchases

S.A. ASPA invites interested companies to participate in the tender. For details, contact us at sales@aspa.md or marketing@aspa.md LOT 1 SolidWorks CAM/CAD software LOT 2 Measuring instrument


Technological Possibilities of the company


Turning Dmax=1000; Lmax=3000

Drilling Dmax=60

Milling 1000x1000


Broaching Lmax=1500

Planning L max=3000

Thread rolling D=3…100


On flat grinding machine tools Lmax=3000

On plain grinding machines tools Dmax=400; Lmax=2000


Heat treatment

In electric furnaces Tmax=1100°C

In salt baths for high-speed steels Tmax=1250°C

Gas Heat-treatment

Heat treatment with high-frequency currents

Brazing of carbide inserts

Surface heat treatment


On pneumatic hammers

Nominal mass of the falling part: 400 кg

Cold pressing

On crank- pneumatic presses with nominal effort – up to : 100 tones


With Polymeric paint

Plastic moulding

Injection volume: 248 cm3

Max. Dimensions of the form: 360×360×250 mm

Manufacturing of rubber parts 400×400 mm


Electric arc welding

Torch welding

Electrical resistance (contact)

Friction welding

Electric arc welding in argon medium

Metal cutting

On band sawing machines Dmax=250

On guillotine scissors Max. thickness of the metal sheets: hmax=12

On profiling machines

With abrasive cut-off wheels

Electro-erosion machining

On on wire eroding machine

Max. workpiece weight: 200 кg

Max. workpiece dimensions: 250×360 mm

Electro-spark machining

On vertical eroding machine

Min. workpiece width: 5 mm

Max. workpiece dimensions: 30×125×160 mm

Chemical treatment

Chemical passivation

Oxidation (browning)

Special quality control methods

Surface Crack Detection

Colour penetration

Magnetic powder inspection